DV Mark DV 40 212 - 40W, 2x12" 2 channel, tube guitar amplifier

by DV Mark
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The DV 40 212 is a two-channel, 40W all-tube 2x12” combo, equipped with EL34 power tubes!
Channel 1 gives a great clean sound, Channel two includes a convenient onboard overdrive pedal circuit considering that guitarists often like to add an overdrive pedal to the clean channel for their distorted sound.
The DV 40 212 features two DV Mark Neoclassic 12" custom-designed speakers and a Dual Voltage Switch 120V/240V to use the amp in countries with different voltages, without having to carry an external converter! 
This amp features the next generation of digital reverb, it's sweet-sounding, warm and natural.


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