DV Mark DVC GEN 15 - 15W Call "A" All Tube combo amplifier

by DV Mark
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The DV Mark Silver Generation Amps will bring about a much easier lifestyle for every musicians around the world. Thanks to DV Marks cutting-edge proprietary technology they offer affordable and great sounding amps, easy-to-use, reliable and ultra-portable… improving the quality of musicians life, making it easier!
Matching all features of the 15W class A all-tube DV GEN 15 head with a single 12” DV Neoclassic speaker, the DVC GEN 15 combo is a perfect choice for gigging guitarists, with best portability and zero compromise on volume or tone. The DVC GEN 15 weighs only 20.06 lbs. (9.1 Kg), which is incredible for an all-tube combo!
The Dual Voltage Switch 120V/240V allows to use the amp in countries with different voltages! 

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