DV Mark EVO 1 - 2 Channel Guitar Amplifier Head

by DV Mark
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DV Mark keeps creating tools revolutionizing the classics to present days, in a word ... EVOLUTION!

There are many amps that have cool tones, but one of the biggest problem in the sea of choices is they deliver their tone in one unique way, and it is not always the 'right' sound for each unique performance.

NOW the ideal amp does exist... the DV MARK EVO 1.

Thanks to six AMPS tone choices for each channel many cool options come with this rEVOlutionary amp, plus you can update them with other preferred amps you can download from the DV Mark website.

The DV MARK EVO 1 features two channels with a classic standard amp controls interface, reverb control for each, MIDI IN, on board tuner, aux in and headphones out, FX loops, XLR Line Out, Boost, and a powerful 250W MPT (Mark Proprietary Technology) power amp with an impressive warm tone and incredible dynamic.

EVO 1 Software

You can update AMPs choices on each channel at your preference thanks to the DV MARK EVO 1 SOFTWARE, that also allows to update Reverb type choices for each channel and customize their parameters, plus you can choose preferred CAB/Speaker Emulator to be assigned to the XLR Line Out. 

Watch the DV MARK EVO1 official video!

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