Yamaha Pacifica PAC1611 Mike Stern Signature Guitar with Ash body


The new PAC1611MS has Initial Response Acceleration (IRA) technology applied that shakes off the stress often found in new guitars. This premium guitar features a one piece Maple neck (oil-finished for better comfort), Seymour Duncan '59 and Hot Rails pickups, Ash body and 6-saddle Hard-tail bridge.

  • One Piece Maple Neck
  • Oil Finished Neck
  • Light Ash Body
  • Seymour Duncanl Pickups/SH-1n Zeb Rev, STHR-1b
  • GOTOH SD91-05M-L Tuning Machine
  • Six Saddle Hardtail Bridge
  • I.R.A. Treatment
  • Made in Japan

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