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Mahalo Ukulele Tuner

Mahalo Ukulele Tuner

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  • Easy to Use
  • Convenient Clip-On Design
  • Fast Tuning Response
  • 2 Color LCD Screen
6 Tuning Modes
Ukulele C
Ukulele D

How to use your tuner

Refer to the operating instructions for your tuner.

 Attach the tuner to the headstock of your ukulele and turn the power switch to ON. The tuner’s inbuilt microphone/sensor will pick up the sound of the note being played on your ukulele. 

Play the G string and the tuner will indicate a note and whether it is in tune.

 The center indicator light of the tuner will illuminate if the note is in tune. If the note you are tuning is flat, the needle or light will be to the left of centre and if the note is sharp, the needle or light will swing to the right of centre. “Tune up” the note if it is flat and “tune down” the note if it is sharp.

 Repeat this process for all remaining strings.

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